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“Campsites in Romania 2018″ – 63 welcoming locations are listed in this edition of the guide, from the Black Sea to the mountain, from the Danube Delta to the noteworthy Maramureș, from big campings to charming campsites around farmhouses. Dare to discover Romania as a country dominated by variety, offering visitors a whole range of experiences, scenery and emotions.

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Campsites in Romania – Self-Guided Tours 2018” contains routes that can be made by motorhome, by car and caravan, by bicycle or motorcycle or just with a backpack, no vehicle required. It is a guidebook, a mine of informations for easy orientation on good (or bad) roads in Romania, in order to reach not to be missed points of interest and, at the end of the day, to arrive at the campsite that will give you rest and energy for the next day of exploring.

Order Campsites in Romania – Self-Guided Tours 2018 here, with free shipping in Europe!


On both of our guidebooks:

The guidebooks includes a map (size A2) with all the campsites pointed on it and the GPS coordinates for all the locations. 

You can also save on the accomodation invoice by using the attached discount card. By filling in the card and presenting it at the reception of the campsites that are highlighted inside the guide, you can get 5%-25% discount on your payment. Starting 2018 you will find a list of different farms that can host you and your motorhome for free, for a maximum of 24 hours.

Take the guidebooks with you on your journey throught our beautiful country and use the ”Fill & Win” game page. The day you leave a campsite that is listed inside, ask the manager to put as many stamps as the number of nights you have been staying there. When you have 10 marked squares, send us a copy of the page and we will send you a surprise souvenir from Romania!